R6000 Right Angle Relief Valves

R6000 Series Right Angle Relief Valve

Available in low, medium, high and extra high pressure models, R6000 right angle relief valves provide users with high accuracy and consistency of cracking and reseat pressures. Furthermore, narrow pressure ranges (cracking pressures) for each model can be factory pre-set according to customer specifi cations. PED certification and CE marking are standard for all models. All R6000 relief valves are off ered with multiple end connections to ensure application versatility.


  • Beverage dispensing equipment
  • Gas pilot plants
  • Petrochemical test labs
  • Offshore oil platform heating lines
  • Pharmaceutical sterilization and packaging systems


  • Raised seal lip and zero friction poppets for highly accurate and consistent cracking- and reseat pressures
  • Cracking pressure remains constant even with changes in downstream pressure
  • Valve pressures can be factory preset and lock wired according to customer specifications
  • Delta stem seal in high pressure models reduces stem leakage, enhancing the performance of the spring and valve.
  • All valves are CE 0035 / PED approved

Technical Data

  • Cracking Pressure

    5–6000 psig (0–414 bar)

  • Maximum Operating Pressure

    5–7000 psig (0–482 bar)

  • Proof Pressure

    1050 and 9000 psig (72 and 620 bar)

  • Reseat Pressure

    • LR6000 Series: 70% of C.P. < 10 psig and 85% minimum of C.P. > 10 psig
    • MR6000, HR6000, XR6000: 85% minimum of C.P.
  • Orifice Sizes

    0.082″ (2.1mm), 0.094″ (2.4mm), 0.188″ (4.6mm)

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